Control Temperature With Your Windows and Doors

Through Double Glazing and uPVC

What is Double Glazing?If there’s one thing we all know about the British climate, it’s that nothing is ever certain about it. But that doesn’t mean you should get used to the cold or rain leaking through your windows and doors. With Double Glazing, you’re sure to have the power to control the temperature of your home by simply closing your windows or doors.

A double glazed unit is made of two panels of glass separated by a few millimeters of space filled with a drying agent that prevents moisture build-up and acts as a very effective heat and sound insulator. Unlike single glazing, double glazing reduces outdoor noise, lowers your carbon dioxide emissions, makes your home safe, and keeps more money in your pocket.

Here are what homeowners with double glazed uPVC units are already experiencing:

  • Improved heat retention
  • Reduced condensation
  • Lower repair cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower energy bills

Double glazing will not only be a significant change for your home but also a significant purchase. However, the government’s support for the use of renewable technologies in homes across the UK is an advantage for homeowners as there are now several grants available that can help you with the initial cost of replacing your windows and doors with double glazed units.

We also want to help cut down the cost by finding you only the most competitive prices from our wide network of professional installers and home improvement companies. All the installers in our network are FENSA, GCF, DGCOS members to ensure the quality and level of workmanship you receive.

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Why Double Glaze?


Since double glazing help maintain the optimum temperature inside your home, there won’t be a need to rely on your heating system or boiler.

Heat and Sound Insulation

Double glazed units were designed to improve heat insulation. Double glazing helps lock heat inside your home and keeps its out depending on the weather. Sound insulation is an added benefit that makes double glazed units worthy investments.

Improved Home Security

Multipoint locking mechanisms and uPVC frames make double glazed units durable and tough defences against unwanted visitors or opportunist intruders.

Low Maintenance

Double glazed windows are preferably manufactured with uPVC frames, which do not fade, warp, rot, and are even resistant against corrosion.

Reduced Condensation

In between the panes of double glazed units is an inert gas that not only minimizes heat transfer between the outdoors and your home but also acts as a drying agent, which prevents moisture and condensation build-up.

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What is Double Glazing?