A great idea for a room makeover.

It only takes five steps to make an old drab space in your home look new.

Interiors guru Pippa Jameson has come up with these simple steps for a room makeover and completed the design pictured.
She teamed up with Command to put together the décor in her room design.

Update the look of a roomTo follow her step-by-step approach simply take a look at her guide below:

1. Choose the space in your home that needs a makeover. I chose my grey wall as the backdrop for a seasonal update. It is about refreshing your existing scheme and transforming a tired area within your home without much hassle.

2. Choose a colour palette. For on-trend colours take a look at an interiors website such as Formyhome.co.uk or buy a few interiors magazines. I would recommend a maximum of three colours and combine them with a highlighting colour such as cream or white. In the design pictured I chose slate grey, mustard and red highlighted with splashes of white.

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3. Select items to hang on the wall as a feature and remember you don’t have to stick to pictures. I used quirky objects such as reclaimed letters and numbers, vintage boards, flags and a lightweight coat hook. Think about the size and shape of the items you are hanging and try to balance the composition. I would recommend laying all the items out on the floor before hanging to ensure the arrangement works.

4. Work out which size hanging strips are the most suitable for the item you want to hang by checking the weight of the item against the maximum weight detailed on the pack. Now get going and hang all of the objects.

5. To finish I used a set of vintage coat hooks to update the look. This means the display can be different each time I feel like a change by varying what hangs on the hooks.

And that is all it takes to redecorate and makeover a space in the home.

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Update the look of a room in five easy steps
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