Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP’s) and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) are energy efficient, home improvements that can supply heat to the property from renewable energy sources by extracting heat from the air or from under the ground.

There could also be some available financial incentives such as Grants or via the Renewable Heat Incentive. Now could be the best time to install heat pumps and replace or upgrade your existing heating system.

Heat pumps may qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Air Source Heat Pumps

Also referred to as ASHP’s, Air source heat pumps are a very cost efficient and method to generate renewable heat for the home and to help lower costs for your energy bills.

Air Source heat pumps have very little needs In terms of maintenance, they are very easy to work with and only require a little attention during their working life. They are also simple to install.

Working by extracting heat from the surrounding air, they are able to produce heat even when the outside temperatures are below freezing point and are perfect to use with underfloor heating.

Alternatives to Gas Boilers

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) offers another efficient alternative source of domestic heat. More significantly, they will help greatly in reducing home energy bills, especially when supplementing or replacing an older system.

GSHP’s work by drawing on the heat that is stored below ground (caused by solar radiation) and because sub surface temperatures remain fairly constant they are very reliable.

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Alternatives to Gas Boilers
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